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MATES Resourcing Program Essentials for Parents

Public Seminar

This is a very tactically oriented, hands-on seminar designed specifically for Parents. You will learn the fundamental MATES Resourcing Program life skills and learn how to incorporate them into your life. The MATES Resourcing Program for Parents specifically teaches you how to connect to yourself by first using the 5 MATES life skills so you can then more easily support your children in their situations. Led by our expert presenters, who have extensive experience working with a wide range of people and organizations around the world. These two four hour sessions taught over two days are packed with practical recommendations and suggestions about how to put the proven MATES skills to work for you and your children. In a safe, informal, non-judgmental and fun environment you’ll learn:

  • The 5 simple and easy to use MATES life skills
  • Simple and Easy to understand explanations of your nervous system and how the fight/flight/freeze survival response can get stuck and how this can cause mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual difficulties in your life.
  • How to return to a calm and energized place in both your mind and body.
  • Practice the 5 simple and easy MATES life skills.
  • How to make your role as a parent easier and clearer.
  • How to become a source of safety for your child, thus helping them respond better to your parenting.
  • How to help your children become more resilient and calm.
  • How to become more satisfied in your role as a parent.

How MATES Will Help You As Parent

The MATES Resourcing Program for Parents is all about teaching you to connect to yourself first by using the MATES life skills. You can then more easily support your children in any situation.

When stress or trauma takes over your life, your mind and body become disorganized and chaotic and, as a result, your child may feel their only source of safety has disappeared. This can then trigger your child to feel disorganized or chaotic causing them to act out.

The calmer you are within yourself, the calmer your children are within themselves. After learning and practicing MATES life skills you will be better equipped to help them manage and express their feelings, needs and wants. Creating a better and safer relationship between you and your children, and a more rewarding parenting experience for you.

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