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The MATES Resourcing Program is a powerful and effective mental health program for all types of practitioners, including psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, teachers, case workers and other mental health professionals.

The MATES Resourcing Program has been taught to a variety of people including; parents, children, young people, trauma survivors, addicts, alcoholics, teachers, social workers, psychotherapists and psychologists from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The feedback from these groups of individuals has been excellent with many improving the quality life and family relationships as a result.

Mental health professionals practicing the skills from the MATES Resourcing Program are able to offer clients within the therapeutic session the ability to stay within their “window of tolerance”. By doing so the client is able to learn the skills to manage their emotions and the effects of these emotions by staying calm and not getting overwhelmed.. These MATES skils have immediate, observable and positive benefits for professionals and their clients.

The MATES Resourcing Program is most appropriate for your clients at the start of your counselling and therapeutic relationship. It can then be used through the therapy when your client starts to feel uncomfortable and in need of managing their feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

The MATES Resourcing Program aims to:

  • Develop internal and external resources for clients
  • Provide a healthier and safer way for therapists to be more present and attuned with their clients
  • Psycho-educate clients in a simple way about the three patterns of response to danger: Fight-Flight-Freeze
  • Facilitate the understanding of the nature of trauma and stress on the mind and body
  • Facilitate the therapeutic process in a consistent manner with self-regulation of the emotional and physiological activation of the client
  • Minimise the occurrence of dissociation and/or abreaction
  • Help clients understand their ‘mental illness’ for the first time, empowering them to make positive change within their life.

We recommend that you as mental health practitioners regularly practice using MATES skills in your own lives and relationships. By doing so, gives you the opportunity to deepen your level of self-awareness and understanding of the skills required to bring you into a state of calm mind. Within this state of calm mind you are better equipped to work with your clients when they are experiencing overwhelming feelings and situations. A calm nervous system in you, helps to calm the nervous system of others you’re working with.

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