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When will you have a seminar in my city?

We typically open registration for our public seminars about 8 weeks prior to any given seminar date.  If you'd like to be added to the alert list for your area, please send your request to admin@matesprogram.com.au.  You will then be notified by email when we offer seminars in your area.  Or, another way to stay informed about new events, is by joining our email mailing list. Join Now

Registering Online with a Discount Coupon

When you are checking out with your seminar registration, your shopping cart page will display a box labeled “apply coupon.” Enter the code you were provided and hit the “apply coupon” button to ensure the appropriate discounted rate is reflected before processing payment.

Certificate of Completion

Participants who register 7 days or more in advance will generally receive a certificate of completion upon completing a seminar. If register within 7 days of a seminar, register 7 days prior to a seminar and don’t receive a certificate at the completion of your seminar, or lose your certificate we can provide a certificate of competition.

Email admin@matesprogram.com.au after you have completed the seminar with the date and location of the seminar you attended so that we may verify.

Special Rates

Special rates may not be combined with any other offer, including early registration. Rates are subject to change without notice.

10% Off:
Groups* of 5-9 attendees
Full time not-for-profit employee
Government employee 
Full time students *

* Proof of applicable status required
**All group attendees need to be registered together to receive discount.
Please email admin@matesprogram.com.au to verify your

Public Seminar Cancellations

If you need to cancel your registration for a seminar and wish to receive a refund, we require seven (7) days notice prior to the event. We will process a refund to your credit card via bank transfer, less a $100 per person processing fee.
If your cancellation is made less than seven (7) days before the event, we are happy to move your registration to any future MATES Resourcing Program seminar, or you can have someone attend the seminar in your place. There is no fee for this change or substitution.  We regret that we cannot provide a refund if your cancellation is made less than the seven (7) days before the seminar.

If you are unable to attend the day of a seminar, we require that you contact us within fourteen (14) days following the seminar to receive a credit toward a future seminar. Please note, this credit toward a future seminar is good for 1 year following the original seminar date. Please contact our office to let us know how you would like to proceed.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact admin@matesprogram.com.au or 1800 663 560 in Australia, or (949) 943-3799 in the United States.

Continuing Education Units

We are not accredited to offer Continuing Education Units.

What is the MATES Resourcing Program?

The MATES Resourcing Program simple, easy and quick to learn skills to help manage not-so-simple lives.

There are 3 MATES workshops.
1) MATES for Parents
2) MATES for mental and allied health professionals

MATES workshops for PARENTS create a safe space for parents to discover positive external and internal skills that help them to balance both their body and mind and become the source of safety for their child.

The aim of the MATES program for PARENTS is to create more calmness in their own minds and bodies, improving feelings of stability and autonomy. As parents working on their own feelings and behaviour, this creates the space and energy to be able to parent more consciously and effectively. Through a variety of exercises, parents will learn how to support their child through overwhelming and challenging experiences.

Our MATES for PARENTS program explains;

  • Why understanding the brain and its functions will help the improve your child’s mental health;
  • How your own history impacts on your parenting skills and ability;
  • How to improve your communication with your child through all ages of development;
  • What you need to know to assist your child in becoming more resilient and calm; and
  • How to become more satisfied in your role as a parent

Why was the MATES Resourcing Program developed?

It was originally developed for the parents and children of a Sydney-based, non-profit, child abuse prevention and neglect program. The organisation provides early intervention, prevention and resources for families who are marginalised and challenged with one or both parents suffering from a mental illness, addiction, domestic violence situation, and whose children may have developmental or other challenges with their abilities.

What was needed was a simple, effective, easy to use and understand method to help the parents and children quickly return to a place of calm and alert mind and body. In addition, we wanted the skills to be valuable to all the parents and children regardless of their challenges and ages. We created the skills for each person to use instantly and independently at any time of day or night, whether at home, on the bus, at work, in a meeting, at school or during a therapy session.

Who developed the MATES Resourcing Program?

Roby Abeles, PsyD, M.A. Counselling & Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapist, Clinical Consultant and Co-developer of The MATES Resourcing Program.

Roby has 25 years of training & experience in Australia and the USA. She specialises in the resolution of addictions as well as traumatic and other overwhelming events which, although in the past, still keep people anxious and/or depressed. She is a specialist in working with post traumatic stress, and all anxiety and depressive disorders including bi-polar disorder.

Memberships & Training: CMCAPA #28482, PACFA #20556, EMDRAA Approved Consultant, Brainspotting, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner(SEP), Member for the International Society for the Study of Traumatic Stress  (ISSTS).

Salene Souza, Co-Developer of The MATES Resourcing Program & Developer of Samba Therapy. Salene is a clinical psychotherapist with over 10 years of professional experience and training gained both in Australia and overseas. She offers short and long-term psychotherapy services for children, young people and adults in Mosman, NSW, Australia. Her area of focus is working with adults and children with behaviour problems, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Memberships & Training: CMCAPA, PACFA #22172, EMDR Australia Assn. Approved Consultant, TRE Facilitator & TRE Supervisor [in training], Brainspotting Level Two.

Salene is fluent in both English and Portuguese.

Who can benefit by taking the MATES Resourcing Program?

Almost anyone. The program is easily understood and implemented by most people of average ability aged from 4 years-old and up.

The MATES Program for EVERYONE is also easily understood be most people who's first language is not English and also there is no need to be able to read or write.

What are the benefits?

  • The ability for children, young people and adults to easily understand your nervous system and what happens to your nervous system when in challenging situations.
  • The ability to make your behaviours and emotional states, addictions, acting out behaviours and self-harm understandable . MATES helps you learn new ways of developing healthy behaviour and managing stress.
  • To gain an understanding of what happens to you when you are triggered by people, places or things, into a fight, flight or freeze state and how this impairs your ability function in the world.

The MATES Resourcing Program has shown to be of value for those who have regularly practiced the skills. At the minimum, they have felt more in control of themselves and their lives. Use of the MATES Resourcing Program has resulted in symptom reduction, or resolution, including those who experienced;

  • Borderline Personality Disorder,
  • Alcohol and other Drug Addictions
  • Mood Disorders including;
  1. Generalised Anxiety Disorder
  2. Anxiety Disorder NOS
  3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  4. Panic Disorder
  5. Bi-Polar 1 & 2
  6. Mania
  7. Major Depressive Episode, and
  8. Depressive Disorder NOS
  • Children experiencing;
  2. Asperger’s Disorder
  3. Childhood Developmental and other Traumas
  4. Children of divorce or who live, or have lived, in conflict laden, or domestic violence situations
  5. Children who have had invasive medical or dental procedures either in-utero or as small children

What is the MATES Program for Mental & Allied Health Professionals?

The MATES Resourcing Program assists all mental & allied health professionals to support their clients to stay within their 'window of tolerance' during sessions. MATES also give clients skills to build affect tolerance and regulation.

We suggest that professionals trained in the MATES skills use them on their own nervous system during client sessions. Many clients have not had a stable nervous system to 'orient' around. When the mental or allied health professional also uses MATES skills on themselves in the session, the client's nervous system then has a 'scaffold' to lean on metaphorically, which it can then learn to attune with.
The MATES Resourcing Program has taken:

  • complicated neurophysiology associated with the survival response
  • anatomy and physiology of the autonomic nervous system
  • Porges's Polyvagal Theory including social engagement

and simplified this dense information into a concise package for mental health professionals to easily understand and use with their clients.
Through the use of metaphors and a simple diagram, the MATES Resourcing Model is immediately de-pathologising, igniting a sense of curiosity and understanding that is non-threatening and non-triggering. The MATES skills are all subtle cues allowing the brain and body to know that the person is safe in the present moment which cues the parasympathetic nervous system to rebalance.

In addition to the above benefits for the mental and allied health practitioner, our MATES Resourcing skills can be used by practitioners in client sessions and by clients in between sessions. The use of these skills can assist the practitioner with self-care and the prevent the possibility of workplace stress and burnout.
What does MATES stand for?


Each word stands for a simple strategy to help you maintain and get back to, a calm nervous system. These strategies are simple and easy to remember.

How is the MATES Resourcing Program delivered?

The MATES Resourcing Program is available in a variety of delivery formats, which can be customized to the specific need of  school, organisation, institution, residential treatment centre or psychiatric facility.

We have the ability to present the MATES Resourcing Program anywhere where there is a need for it. We will work with you on the specifics of what you, your group or your agency/company require and in the time you have allocated.

It can be taught today and/or evening staff who then have the ability to teach and use the skills with adults and/or children within their workplace.

For more information contact us